Social Kids is rooted on the promise of Genesis 15:5! Our hope is that the teachings of this ministry will multiply beyond the walls of our venues and into the city of Dallas. Through Christ-centered learning, fun, community, and leadership, Social Kids will become the shining lights that people see in the midst of darkness.

Upon your arrival, you will visit the Social Kids First-Time Guest check-in station! During check-in, we will register your family using our secure check-in system. Your child will be given a colored wristband, indicating their age and appropriate class, along with a “First-Time Guest” wristband so our team can celebrate their first visit. Additionally, they will receive a special first-time guest bag filled with goodies and a letter addressed to you, the parent! We are thrilled to meet you and your family for the first time!


If your child is 2 years old or younger, you are welcome to bring their diaper bag with any supplies they’ll need (diapers, bottles, baby food, etc.). Our nursery team is ready to love, feed, and care for your SK Minis.

If your child is 4 years old or older, they only need to bring themselves! We prefer that any items from home stay with mom and dad to prevent any loss.

We use a pager system that you’ll receive at check-in in case we need to reach you during the service for any reason.

Our check-in stations transition to check-out stations after the service. You will go to the Social Kids area, where there will be a uniformed line for pick-up. The colored wristband you received at check-in should be brought with you to hand over to the Social Kids leader when picking up your child. The wristband will be matched to your child’s wristband to ensure the safety of all our kids.

Yes, we provide a snack for all ages. Our snacks include baby puffs, Cheerios, Goldfish, and animal crackers. We only serve water for all ages.

We believe you are never too young to begin worship and learn about the Bible. Our classes, starting as young as 2 years old, have a time of worship and learn a Bible story for the week. Our baby classes have worship music playing throughout the morning while they play and explore. We also have a time for crafts and games that are centered around Bible-based fun!

Unfortunately, we do not allow electronics in Social Kids. We’d love for every Social Kid to be free of distractions and fully engaged in our exciting Social Kids Service!